Photos appearing in the January 2005 Full Cry
Brian Davison showing Warriors Drech at the Claude Thomas Appreciation Hunt, Parsons, TN in November
Hannah Smith with her young pup, Chloe, also showing at the Claude Appreciation Hunt
Hunter and Fisher Wadlow with their young pup, Alibi
Shane Roark with his young male, Rebel, who helped tree some of these coons! 
Adam Campbell with his new puppy he was taking back to Texas
Please feel free to send me photos and stories for publication in our OMCBA Youth Column and on our Web site!  Thanks in advance! 
Mary Clark, 8550 Mtn. Cur Lane, Mountain Grove, MO  65711,  417-668-0003 castlehill@hotmail.com  
Photos Appearing in the Feb 2005 Full Cry
Aaron Belcher with his Grandpa after killing his first squirrel!  Aaron was 6 years old in the picture.
Sydney Perkins, 9 years old with Jukebox Magic, Jukebox Melody after a coon hunt
Taylor Perkins, 14 years old after a successful deer hunt in Ohio.  Bobbie Perkins on left. 
"Having a good time at Jamestown, TN "
Samantha Stevens and their family dog, Roxie, with SOME of the coons harvested in 2004-2005 by their family! 
Photos appearing in March 2005 Full Cry
10 year old Clayton Luyster with Gr Sq Champion Luysters Tippy
Brian Davison with Drech after a hunt
Dakota and Jesse Clark with Pistols Jukebox Jesse and Sadie
Danny Williams with his feist and Marijane Williams and Fibber after a good squirrel hunt in Missouri
Freddy Wells and Tugger - Reserve World Youth Champions - WTDA
William Berry and Shelby Warden with a coon treed by their dog, Tige
Brandon and Austin ( the cowboy hat, age 6) grandkids of the Randy Mooney family showing at the Desi Jones Memorial Hunt in Arkansas
Brandon Allen after hunting with Harold Smith and Brandon's Dad and Harold's dog Major.
Jonathon Tosh's boys after a hunt with their new dog Jake
Courtney Bradley age 13 with her dog Twin Oaks Molly
Curt and Chelsea Vaughn from N.C and four new puppies!
Mr. and Mrs. Buck Thompson - the former Billiejean Clark - were married Feb 16, 2005 and now reside in West Plains, MO
Scott and Lana Clark's boys from Iowa
showing their puppies at the NKC Mo State Championship hunt in March 05
Pictured at the Piney Creek Hunt in Dover, AR are Eugene McCalls grandkids at their first hunt.  Pictured on the left is Justin, in the middle Ashley and then Tyler. 
CJ Goss with Bent Pine Big George at the OMCBA Spring Classic show in March
Kendra Conrad showing Conrad's Icie on the female bench show at the Spring Classic
Justin Lollis showing T's Tree Long Luke at his first bench show,  and went on to be 2nd place on the female bench. 
Great Grandpa Raymond Powers from Tennessee is pictured spending some quality time with his great granddaughter, Kali
Daniel Patrick of Bethel, Ohio entertaining us at the March 2005 Spring Classic hunt!  Accompanied by his Father
Derek Neal and Pine Mtn. Penny at the Spring Classic at Jamestown
Samantha Loper showing Little Jaybird Tess at the Spring Classic
Austin Franklin showing Logan's Rocky Mtn. Top
Brandi Allen proudly showing her Brandi's Chirpin Cricket female! 
Bryce and Carlie Sifford, Puxico, MO with their dog Murphy
Photos Appearing the the July Issue of Full Cry
A cute sign we saw on Scenic Highway 7 in Arkansas
Dave Barnett Jr from Missouri
Amanda Prevatte with her good female Crab Orchard Winter
Jesse Clark from Illinois - having fun!
August Full Cry Photos
Sunshine Cuddles with Robert Wadlow and his grandsons, Hunter and Fisher Wadlow
Austin Cowan 8 years old showing Luck E Jill
Cody Cowin age 6 showing Luck E Penny
Bryce Sifford with his trusty dog, Murphy and a squirrel they got!
Tree Time Gallowasy Burley with his friends Van and Kirsten Culbertson
Tyler Crist, age 13 and his dog that won the Best Male of the Show at the June 2005 hunt! 
September Full Cry Photos
Jazlyn Barnes showing a puppy at Jamestown, TN June hunt!  This puppy had never had any practice standing up...she was doing a great job!
Shane Roark, age 18, showing his Jukebox Rockin Rebel.  Rebel won his age class and went on to win the treeing contest. 
Chad Smith, age 14, with his young Ramblin Rosie x Two Toed Joe puppy. 

Dusty Smith from Petal, Mississippi.  New to OMCBA and the Mtn. Curs.  He has a nice dog to work with now and also a pup to train.
Taylor Dawson from Missouri with his new puppy.  Be watching for these two! 
Matthew Calbaugh age 10 and Lucas Boone age 9 doing a good job showing their pups on the Youth bench at the June Jamestown, TN hunt! 
Brady Barham, age 5, have a good time with his good friends
Logan Allgood, age 12, with  his mini chopper he won and his young pup Taylor Ridge Candy
Logan Allgood helping out his younger brother, Taylor, age 9, stand up Taylor's young dog, Taylor Ridge Banjo
CJ Keen at the June OMCBA hunt
Desiree Guider, age 4, showing her dog at the June hunt
A cute little girl and a puppy at the 2005 Jamestown June hunt
CJ Schaffer - 6 years old - June hunt
Justin Headrick - 4 years old - June Hunt
Austin Penick - 4 years old - Fall Hunt
with a pretty cooperating dog! 
On left sneaking in the photo is Hunter Reed and on the right is Tyler Franklin - 6 years old - Fall Hunt
Ben Dinsmoore - 13 years old and his first NKC hunt, Mercer, PA that was Very Successful!  He was showing and hunting Camp Run Charlie.

On the left is Tyler and Elk River Big Un and on the right is Warrior's Drech with Brian on opening day of squirrel season!
Carlie and Bryce Sifford, MO with some new puppies.  Doesn't Bryce's expression say it the best..."I love puppies" 
Devan Smith from Ohio showing his Jukebox Treein Shawnee at the Elnora NKC hunt in October
NKC Youth Hunt in Mercer, PA with Clayton Luyster and Raquel Weaver showing. 
Katie Fields, age 7, showing in the June Youth bench show at Jamestown, TN
Justin Hood, age 8, showing his dog on the Adult Bench at the June Jamestown hunt. 
In the middle is Cheyanne Keen, age 6.  CJ Keen to the left of her, and to the left of him Logan Allgood peeking in.  To the right of Cheyanne is Jadon Barnes.  All showing their pups at the Fall Hunt in September at Jamestown!
Justin Cooper (in camo) showing his dog and getting first place showing on the Adult 0-6 month old male bench at the Fall Hunt in Jamestown.  On the left in red is Blake Hargis who got 2nd place with his young pup