A Sampling of Old pictures from our Yearbooks
8th Annual Yearbook - 1970
Brindle Bob - owned by Carmel Barker, Sandy Hook , KY
Rowdy of the old Arline strain of curs owned by Leon H. Greene, Huntland, TN
Hoover's Bob is the Hoover and York breeding, owed by Jimmy Hoover, Albany, KY
Paul Kompa's wife holding Blackie by Tiger who is out of Barnell's Blue a York dog and his Dam is Old Bett Also pictued is his daughter holding Black Gal who is out of Tenn Bob and Roaring River Little Jill
.9th Annual Yearbook - 1971
Hobo owned by Alva Burgess, Crossville, TN 
Kings Mt. Bronnie owned by Jimmy Hoover, Albany, KY
Gypsy Belle out of Ledbetter's Boone and Queen, owned by Howard Sandusky, Adrian, MI
Cherokee Bob who goes back to Ledbetter's Tiger and the Moody Roaring River Stock.  Owned by Howard Sandusky, Adrian, MI
Smith's Mt. Tiger from the old Catoosa Tiger bloodline and York strain.  Owned by Frederick Smith, Albany, KY 
Catoosa Lou, Sire is Prancer and Catoosa Goldie.  Owned by Tony E. Smith, Losantville, IN
Catoosa Snow-King (Bucky) and Catoosa Princess (Betty) purchased from Ledbetters and were the only known genuine Curs in Canada.  Owned by Charles W. Settle, South Hazelton, B.C. Canda
Tenth Annual Yearbook - 1972
R.R. Bowser owned by Edward E. Behney, Allentown, PA
John of Morningside  # L-57 owned by H.G. Gilbert, Hyde Park, N.Y. 
Roaring River Tiger Joe, owned by William E. Lee Knoxville, TN
Rusty on the right and his son, Ruff - Yellow dogs.  Rusty's sire is Paul Kompa's Blackey.  Owned by A. D. Ledbetter, Crossville, TN
Brindle Lad born in 1971, sire R. R. Bowser and Dam Bakers Black Jewell.  Lad owned by Thomas G. Renninger, Boyertown, PA
Tennessee Pride, brindle female out of Tenn Bob and Catoosa Ebony.  Owned by Clarence C. Wilson, Oliver Springs, TN
Eleventh Annual Yearbook - 1973
Dusty on right sired by Johnny Boy and out of Black Jewell.  Cyclone on left by Bowser and Dixie.  Owned by B.V. "Dick" Watson, Salem, WV
Smokey Mountain Zeb sired by Roaring River Tip and out of Catoosa Pride.  All owned by Clarence C. Wilson, Oliver Springs, TN
Peg, Registered L-72 by Roaring River Jack # 16 and Dam Dixie # 24  Owned by Keith L. Richards, West Falls, N. Y.
Old Papers  - from the pure Ledbetter stock.  Owned by Jimmy Hoover 
Twelfth Annual Yearbook - 1974
Bakers Black Jewel, Reg # L-33 owned by Edward E. Behney, Allentown, PA
Catoosa Susie sired by Big Ted and out of Moody's Roaring River Sadie owned by Clarence and James Dunbar, Crossville, TN
Cooner on the left and Becky on the right from Paul Kompa, owned by Carl Gray, Vienna, Illinois
Catoosa Rusty from Ledbetter breeding owned by Roger Hoover, ClarkRange, TN
Kemmer's Old Rough with Ledbetter breeding on both sides.  Owned by Robert Kemmer
Yellow Queen registered # L 80 owned by George A. Shane of Bowling Green, Ohio
Kentucky Queen purchased from Kenneth Jones and owned by Robert C. Kemmer, Crossville, TN