More Old Pictures for You To Enjoy!
Mr. Dewey Ledbetter and one of his Mountain Curs
Hedgecoth's Brownie - Considered to be the foundation Mtn. Cur male
Dewey Ledbetter and Catoosa Queen considered the  foundation Mtn. Cur female
May 57 - Gate City, Virginia
Woody Huntsman, Dewey Ledbetter and Carl McConnell
1963-Lake Francis,  Crossville, Tenn.  1st Mountain Cur meeting -
l to r:  Dewey Ledbetter, Carl McConnell and Hugh Stephens
Cherokee Bob - Howard Sandusky
Leonard Hedgecoth and Jimmy
Hoover with bob cats and Hedgecoth's Arline Minnie and  Ledbetters Catoosa Tiger

Roaring River Dixie, and Mrs. Ledbetter
Dixie was the mother of Roger Hoover
Rusty, Dan Boone, Yellow Queen and
Goldie among others
Leon Greene's Sadie, her daughter
Jenny Lind and son Rowdy
Buster and Betty owned by Charles
Settle, Canada.  They came from
Ledbetters Catoosa Ring and Big Ted
See big game in picture!
Brindle Bob - Owned by Allen Poole -  Kenneth Jones breeding
The Ledbetters with their last dogs
Boone and Queen
Hope you enjoyed seeing some of the dogs that might be in your dogs pedigree!   Will be adding more later and be sure to look at the Hall Of
Fame Dogs Page !