1986 THRU 1989
Photos from the Twenty Fourth
        Annual Yearbook - 1986
Carmel Barker's KING P-785  Sire:  Catoosa Rusty Bugger L-561, Dam Lucketts Betty M-395 and Granddaughter/trainer, Sissy Barker.  Carmel Barker, Sandy Hook, KY
Burkey's Midnite Buck by Kemmer's Mt. Bandit and Mt. Brandy owned by Wayne Burkey, Atwater, Ohio
Cane Ridge Billy by Cane Ridge Turn and Cane Ridge Dolly.  Antioch, TN
Busher Sam III - goes back to the old Busher dog on both sides.  Foster Miller, Oregon, Ohio
Ole Crook L-718 Sired by Bobby, Grandsire Old Papers.  On Dam's side goes back to Catoosa Rusty.  Matt and Jesse Zimpel, Blue River, WI 
PHOTOS - 1987
A whopping 169 pages long!
Coke  R-76 and Lady P-609.  Old Bloodlines of Ole Rough, Blondie and Mt. St. Tiger in their Pedigrees.  John Hillman, South Point, Ohio
Mickey.  Out of LIttle Bit and Brendy owned by Harold Johnson, Union Grove, AL
Rocky Top Tennessee Jennie II being shown by Joey Atterton.  Owned by Doug Layne, Whitwell, TN
Hunter's Creek Tanner.  Heavy breeding on Catoosa Rusty.  Owned by Red Nethery, Norman, IN
Blondie's Yellow Jack.  Sire, Kemmer's Yello Jack M-560 and Tenn Mt. Blondie L-458  Owned by Colonel Sparkman, Caddo, OK
PHOTOS - 1988
Black Katie sire: Kemmer's Ole Jeff Dam:  Kentucky Mtn. Katie owned by Jim Smith, Tippecanoe, Indiana
Breeding's Buck s-418 Sire: Buck M-51 Dam Lady Alexis M-974 owned by Haney Breeding, Crossville, TN
Davis's Suzie - out of Ned Davis's Boby dog and her Dam was Catoosa Dusty by Catoosa Rusty owned by Ned Davis, Albany, KY
Smiling Cricket and her son Cumberland Jack.  Owned by Carl Evans, Silsbee, TX 
Little Bill M-236 - 8 years old.  Sire, Brindle Bill L-379 and Tenn Browney L-753. Goes back to  Bakers Brindle Bob, R.R. Smokey, Busher Sam, Mtn. State Ann.  Owned by Woody Huntsman, Portland, IN
Brindle Joe  M-392 goes back to Mt. St. Hillbilly, Catoosa Rusty, Smith's Tiger, Hoover's Bob and Greene's Sadie.  Owned by Robert Orth, Warnerville, NY 
Hardwood Rambo owned by Randy Parnell, Blue Springs, MS
Rocky Ridge Boss P-909 owned by Jerry Vinson, Popular Bluff, MO
PHOTOS - 1989
Roaring River Magic owned by Bill Davis, Cookeville, TN
Fowler's Ralph Sire, Buck P267, Dam Breeding's Cindy P207  A Grandson of Ole Cooner  owned by Lawrence Fowler, Tracer, Iowa
North Fork Nigg M-701 Sired by Busher Sam L-3267 and Queen who is a granddaughter of Busher Sam  Owned  by Glen Overstreet, North Fork, CA
Smith's Streak, Owned by Carl Smith, Hilham, TN  (second time Streak appeared in the Yearbook - first was 1988 ) 
Ramblin Rowdy  Sired by Smith's Streak.  Ownedy by Kenny Thomas, Hilman, TN