This is a sampling of some photos from our old OMCBA Yearbooks.  Thought you might like seeing these dogs as some may be in your dog's pedigree.   These dogs came in several sizes, some with long tails, some with bobs, some with rough coats.  So, if  you are wondering where some of the traits come from in our Mtn. Curs of today - now you know!  The one thing they all have in common still is they are the "All American Tree Dog" 
1964 - 2nd Annual Yearbook

A.D. Ledbetter, Crossville, Tennessee with Tiger - Registered # 1
1965 - 3rd Annual Yearbook
Carol Sue Greene, daughter of Leon and Vera Greene, Huntland, TN  with Sadie on right - Sire:  Ledbetters Toker, Dam:  Greene's Cindy.  Brindie on left, Sire:  Hedgecoth's Brownie, Dam Tenn Molley
W.R. Maxson, Shinglehouse, PA - Banjo - Registered # 30
1966 - 4th Annual Yearbook
Bruce and Richard Jones, sons of Kenneth C. Jones, Adolphus, KY with Queen
1967 - 5th Annual Yearbook
Clarence Wilson, Oliver Springs, Tenn - Tennessee Bob - Registered # 74
Raymond Bowers, Livingston, TN - Roaring River Buck - Sire:  Ledbetters Tiger, Dam:  Roaring River Jill
Paul Kompa, Salem, MO - Roaring River Jill
1968 - 6th Annual Yearbook
Clarence C. Wilson, Oliver Springs, TN - Tip of Roaring River breeding
Kenneth C. Jones, Adolphus, KY - Roaring River Tee, son of Paul Moore's Bob and a grandson of Hedgecoth's Brownie.  Also, a brother to Paul Kompa's Roaring River Jill
Alva Burgess, Crossville, TN with Catoosa Jeff from the Ledbetter and Hedgecoth dogs
John M Grubb, Harriman, TN with Valley Queen, Sire:  Tennessee Bob,  Dam:  Pine Ridge Flirt
Bob Gilmore, Harriman, TN - Ole Yellow, Sire:  Tennessee Bob, Dam:  Ebony
Roy Vanover, Eaton, Ohio - Granchildren Carol, Ralph, and Eric with Dixie - Registered # 92
1969 - 7th Annual Yearbook
Bob - Registered # 111 owned by Bill Brown of Crossville, TN  
Roaring River Tobe, out of Kompa's Buck,  owned by James M. Jones of Cookeville, Tennessee 
Jones Roaring River Jack, a son of Roaring River Tee and out of Catoosa Missie.  owned by Kenneth C. Jones of Adolphus, KY
Pine Ridge Blaze on left and Catoosa Shine owned by Clarence Dunbar, Crossville, TN 
Roaring River Stub owned by James Dunbar, Crossville, TN  
Big Ted and A. D. Ledbetter